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Flight Intercept Traps, Feb-Mar 2004

Flight-intercept samples were taken from February to March 2004 to parallel similar sampling taking place at the 300m site (Cantarrana) on the Barva transect. Ten plastic trays were placed beneath the center pane of a Malaise trap (Figure). Soapy water was placed in the trays. Trays were checked daily. Each day specimens were netted from the trays and accumulated in a bottle of 95% ethanol. Sampling was carried out to parallel the sample accumulating in the collection head of the Malaise trap. One sample comprised two-weeks of accumulated specimens. On harvest, samples were transported to the ALAS lab, the ethanol was changed once, and samples were stored in a freezer. Samples are listed below.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "TN" indicates it is a flight-intercept sample, the following two numbers are the trap number, and the final three-digit number is a serial number beginning with 001 for the first sample and ending with 030 for the last sample. In addition, there is a code for all flight intercept samples pooled.

First collection date:
First day of the sample period, in format day-month-year.

Second collection date: Day the sample was harvested.

X and Y coordinates: La Selva GIS coordinates.

TN/20/001	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	892	298
TN/20/011	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	892	298
TN/20/021	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	892	298
TN/21/002	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	866	179
TN/21/012	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	866	179
TN/21/022	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	866	179
TN/22/003	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	844	123
TN/22/013	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	844	123
TN/22/023	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	844	123
TN/23/004	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	864	67
TN/23/014	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	864	67
TN/23/024	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	864	67
TN/24/005	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	934	33
TN/24/015	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	934	33
TN/24/025	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	934	33
TN/25/006	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	402	-250
TN/25/016	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	402	-250
TN/25/026	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	402	-250
TN/26/007	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	320	-290
TN/26/017	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	320	-290
TN/26/027	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	320	-290
TN/27/008	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	220	210
TN/27/018	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	220	210
TN/27/028	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	220	210
TN/28/009	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	314	372
TN/28/019	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	314	372
TN/28/029	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	314	372
TN/29/010	16-Feb-04	24-Feb-04	458	716
TN/29/020	10-Mar-04	21-Mar-04	458	716
TN/29/030	7-Apr-04	18-Apr-04	458	716
TN/00/001-030	16-Feb-04	18-Apr-04