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ALAS Flight-Intercept Collections, 2004 Expeditions

Flight-intercept samples were taken by placing ten plastic trays beneath the center pane of a Malaise trap (Figure). Soapy water was placed in the trays. Trays were checked daily. Each day specimens were netted from the trays and accumulated in a bottle of 95% ethanol. Sampling was carried out to parallel the sample accumulating in the collection head of the Malaise trap. One sample comprised two-weeks of accumulated specimens during an expedition. On harvest, bottles were topped off (to prevent sloshing during transport) and immediately transported to the ALAS lab. The ethanol was changed once, and samples were stored in a freezer. Malaise traps 1-4, 8, 13-17 were used for flight-intercept samples. See under Malaise Traps for specific siting of the traps. There were a total of 30 samples (10 traps x 3 samples per trap). Samples are listed below.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "03" indicates that it is from the 300m site (Refugio Cantarrana), the "TN" indicates it is a flight-intercept sample, the following two numbers are the trap number (see map), and the final three-digit number is a serial number beginning with 001 for the first sample and ending with 030 for the last sample. In addition, there is a code for all flight intercept samples pooled.

First collection date: First day of the sample period, in format day-month-year.

Second collection date: Day the sample was harvested.

03/TN/01/001	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/02/002	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/03/003	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/04/004	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/08/005	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/13/006	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/14/007	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/15/008	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/16/009	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/17/010	13-Feb-2004	22-Feb-2004
03/TN/01/011	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/02/012	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/03/013	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/04/014	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/08/015	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/13/016	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/14/017	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/15/018	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/16/019	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/17/020	10-Mar-2004	22-Mar-2004
03/TN/01/021	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/02/022	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/03/023	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/04/024	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/08/025	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/13/026	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/14/027	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/15/028	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/16/029	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/17/030	7-Apr-2004	18-Apr-2004
03/TN/ALL	10-Feb-2004	18-Apr-2004