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ALAS Light-trap Collections, 2002 Expeditions

Entotech light traps were used to obtain a series of one-night blacklight samples. These traps use a 8 watt blacklight tube surrounded by 3 transparent panes, all perched over a funnel on top of a bucket. The bucket has an internal smaller funnel and screen to allow water drainage from rain. Unlike the La Selva sampling program, the traps were not surrounded by a larger wire cage to exclude large insects. Crumpled paper towels and egg cartons were placed in the bottom of the bucket, and a cloth bag of potassium or sodium cyanide suspended inside. The traps were placed before dusk and harvested the next morning. A light sensor turned the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Traps were placed and harvested by ALAS staff Danilo Brenes, Ronald Vargas, and Maylin Paniagua.

During the first week of the first expedition two sites were chosen, and traps were placed in those two fixed sites each night. The two sites were within 100m of the refuge building. Site 1 was in second growth forest; site 2 was in primary forest. Samples are listed below.

Abundant collecting was also carried out at a mercury vapor lamp. A sheet was tacked to the side of the refuge building, and the lamp suspended in front of the sheet. The lamp was usually operated from nightfall until 9 or 10pm, and collectors hand-picked from the sheet. No quantitative sampling structure was applied to mercury vapor lamp collecting.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "20" indicates that it is from the 2000m site (Refugio Vara Blanca), the "L" indicates it is a light-trap sample, the following two numbers are the trap location ("00" for various trial locations, "01" and "02" for the two fixed locations), and the final three-digit number is a serial number beginning with 001 for the first sample, and ending with 070 for the last.

Collection date: day sample was harvested (morning following trap placement), in format day-month-year.

Notes: primarily indicating which nights the blacklight failed to stay lit, due to battery or connection problems.

20/L/01/001	10-Feb-2002	No funciono
20/L/02/002	10-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/003	11-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/004	11-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/005	12-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/006	12-Feb-2002	No funciono
20/L/00/007	13-Feb-2002	
20/L/00/008	13-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/009	14-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/010	14-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/011	15-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/012	15-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/013	16-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/014	16-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/015	17-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/016	17-Feb-2002	No funciono
20/L/01/017	18-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/018	18-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/019	19-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/020	19-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/021	20-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/022	20-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/023	21-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/024	21-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/025	22-Feb-2002	
20/L/02/026	22-Feb-2002	
20/L/01/027	11-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/028	11-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/029	12-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/030	12-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/031	13-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/032	13-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/033	14-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/034	14-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/035	15-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/036	15-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/037	16-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/038	16-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/039	17-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/040	17-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/041	18-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/042	18-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/043	19-Mar-2002	No funciono
20/L/02/044	19-Mar-2002	
20/L/01/045	20-Mar-2002	
20/L/02/046	21-Mar-2002	
20/L/00/047	21-Mar-2002	Noche con mucha lluvia
20/L/01/048	22-Mar-2002	
20/L/00/049	22-Mar-2002	No funciono
20/L/01/050	10-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/051	10-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/052	12-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/053	12-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/054	13-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/055	13-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/056	14-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/057	14-Apr-2002	
20/L/00/058	15-Apr-2002	
   Trampa colocada en un claro grande al lado izquierdo de la quebrada 
   cerca de Refugio saliendo hacia el Barva.
20/L/02/059	15-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/060	16-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/061	16-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/062	17-Apr-2002	
20/L/02/063	17-Apr-2002	
20/L/01/064	18-Apr-2002
20/L/02/065	18-Apr-2002
20/L/01/066	19-Apr-2002
20/L/02/067	19-Apr-2002
20/L/01/068	20-Apr-2002
20/L/02/069	20-Apr-2002
20/L/01/070	21-Apr-2002
20/L/02/071	21-Apr-2002