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Pitfall Samples

A program of pitfall trap sampling was carried out from April 1993 to March 1994. Pitfall traps were established in 4 transects of 8 traps each. Traps within transects were about 100m apart. Plastic drinking cups were embedded in the ground, flush with the ground surface. Cups were 7cm wide at the top and 9.5cm deep. A green plastic bag was suspended over the trap, in the form of a slanting roof. Traps were operated one day each month for 12 months. An aluminum bridge was placed over the top of the cup, and a pellet of pig feces placed on the bridge. The traps were left open for a 24hr period before harvest. Thus 32 samples were obtained each month. These samples were processed mainly for Scarabaeinae (dung beetles) and the residues discarded.

Collection codes are of the form T/yy/zzz, where yy is the trap location number (01-32) and zzz is a unique sample number, starting with 001 and increasing sequentially to the last sample of the program, T/32/352.

Transect and trap locations were as follows:
01-08: starting at CES50 and going to CES750, alluvial soil, primary forest.
09-16: along LOC, starting near GIS line 900 and going to 1600, residual soil, border between primary and secondary forest.
17-24: starting at SSO1350 and going to SSO650, residual soil, primary forest.
25-32: starting at SLV600 and going to SLV1300, alluvial soil, second growth forest.

Dates of samples are as follows:

20-Apr-1993	T/01/1-T/32/32
14-May-1993	T/01/33-T/32/64
12-Jun-1993	T/01/65-T/32/96
9-Jul-1993	T/01/97-T/32/128
21-Aug-1993	T/01/129-T/32/160
17-Sep-1993	T/01/161-T/32/192
15-Oct-1993	T/01/193-T/32/224
12-Nov-1993	T/01/225-T/32/256
14-Jan-1994	T/01/257-T/32/288
11-Feb-1994	T/01/289-T/32/320
11-Mar-1994	T/01/321-T/32/352