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Salticidae Project, Sep 1996 — Jan 1997

A major sampling program for Salticidae was carried out between September 1996 and January 1997. Samples were statified by site, habitat, collector, and method. Collection codes reflect this stratification as follows:

Collection codes of form Abcdddee##:

A: capital A for Araneae.

b: site; P = vicinity of successional plots, H = vicinity of Huertos project, S = vicinity of LEP.

c: habitat; C = clearing, B = edge or border, S = understory of mature forest.

ddd: collector; DBM = Danilo Brenes, RVC = Ronald Vargas, MPG = Maylin Paniagua, NOM = Nelci Oconitrillo.

ee: method; GO = beating sheet, a 0.82 X 0.82m beating sheet was used to sample for one hour; BA = looking down, a collector worked on hands and knees for one hour, searching closely for salticids and manually capturing them; RE = sweep net, a sweep net with 0.39m diameter opening and 0.67m depth was used to collect for one hour.

##: sample number for a particular site, habitat, collector, method combination.

This file lists the collection code and the date of collection for all the samples taken as part of the structured inventory.