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Winkler Samples, 1999

Winkler samples are an efficient method of sampling leaf litter ants. The method involves sifting bulk samples of leaf litter and rotten wood by agitating them vigorously in a bag above a coarse mesh screen. Litter arthropods are concentrated in the finer "siftate" that passes through the screen. Arthropods are then extracted from the siftate by a passive extraction method, in which the siftate is placed in thin mesh sacks and then suspended and enclosed within an outer cloth "Winkler bag." The Winkler bag tapers to a cup of ethanol. After loading the sample the Winkler bag is closed at the top and suspended in a sheltered location. Arthopods fall from the litter and accumulate in the ethanol, and the sample is taken off after 3 days. Methodological variations involve how the bulk litter is selected. The method used here involved a relatively subjective selection of litter to sift, and was not based on a particular area or volume of bulk litter (thus they are not directly comparable to the Fisher MiniWinkler method). The person taking the sample moved through the habitat selecting pockets of moist litter. These accumulations of litter and rotten wood occurred between buttresses, along the sides of rotten logs, around dead stumps, and in soil depressions. When approximately 6l of siftate were obtained, the material was placed in a cloth bag and returned to the lab.

Twenty samples were taken by the ALAS staff in June and July 1999, and 8 were taken by the ALAS staff in December 1999. The 20 samples from June and July 1999 were taken in the same localities as previous Berlese samples.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "W" indicates it is a Winkler sample, the following two numbers are the location, and the final two-digit number is a sample number, in a series from 01 to 28.

Collector: person taking the sample in the field.

Collection date: day the sample was collected from the field, in format day-month-year.

Site: usually a La Selva locality using the trail abbreviations and the number of meters along the trail.

X and Y coordinates: La Selva GIS coordinates.

W/01/009	D. Brenes	18-Jun-99	Parc. sucesionales	1034	1880
W/02/010	R. Vargas C.	21-Jun-99	SSE	1236	1910
W/03/011	R. Vargas C.	21-Jun-99	SHO 650 m.	1498	1848
W/04/012	D. Brenes	21-Jun-99	CCL	842	1444
W/05/018	R. Vargas C.	4-Jul-99	CCL	1261	1075
W/06/017	R. Vargas C.	4-Jul-99	CC	2648	1384
W/07/014	D. Brenes	25-Jun-99	SS0	1465	491
W/08/019	R. Vargas C.	13-Jul-99	SSO	2039	324
W/09/003	R. Vargas C.	14-Jun-99	LOC	1507	-126
W/10/005	D. Brenes	18-Jun-99	CES	671	114
W/11/006	R. Vargas C.	18-Jun-99	SCH	448	-208
W/12/007	R. Vargas C.	18-Jun-99	CEN	398	72
W/13/008	D. Brenes	18-Jun-99	SAT	1020	-85
W/14/013	D. Brenes	25-Jun-99	SSA	2292	-1120
W/15/015	R. Vargas C.	25-Jun-99	SSA	3800	-750
W/16/016	R. Vargas C.	25-Jun-99	SSA	3960	-701
W/17/020	ALAS	13-Jul-99	SSO	1600	550
W/18/004	Brenes/Vargas	14-Jun-99	LOC	1500	-50
W/19/002	Oconitrillo/Paniagua	14-Jun-99	LOC	1400	-100
W/20/001	J. Longino	14-Jun-99	LOC	1300	-50
W/21/021	R. Vargas C.	2-Nov-99	Sendero Ribere–o	3100	2400
W/22/022	R. Vargas C.	2-Nov-99	LEP	3300	-2150
W/23/023	R. Vargas C.	10-Nov-99	Sendero Holdrige	2200	2000
W/24/024	R. Vargas C.	10-Nov-99	Sendero Hartshorn	1600	1050
w/25/025	R. Vargas C.	15-Nov-99	Lindero Peje	1800	-1650
W/26/026	R. Vargas C.	15-Nov-99	Sendero Tres R’os	1600	-800
W/27/027	R. Vargas C.	23-Nov-99	Sendero Jaguar	2600	-250
W/28/028	R. Vargas C.	23-Nov-99	Lindero Sur	3400	850