12 August 2016

Current Version
S 9.1.0

Major new features of EstimateS 9

  • A  comprehensively revised User's Guide covering all the new features in EstimtateS 9 and all the traditional ones of previous versions.

  • An entirely new capability for handing individual-based rarefaction with true (unconditional) confidence intervals (and of course, sample-based rarefaction, the core of all previous versions of EstimateS).

  • Rarefaction of richness estimators and diversity indices for individual-based data (as well as sample-based data, as in previous versions).

  • Non-parametric extrapolation of rarefaction curves for both sample-based and individual-based data (Colwell et al. 2012).

  • Batch input and export option for both sample-based and individual-based datasets.

  • Options for computing, displaying, and exporting subsets of results for evenly-spaced intervals for rarefaction and extrapolation of samples or individuals (interval-sampling or knots).

  • Automatic support for International and US number formats.

  • EstimateS 9 for Windows runs under Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

  • EstimateS 9 for Mac OS runs under OS 10.5 (Leopard) through 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

  • EstimateS 9 is blazing fast, compared to earlier versions.

With these classic features of previous versions

  • Computes Colwell and Mao's smooth species accumulation curves (sample-based rarefaction curves) with true confidence intervals, based on analytical formulas (Colwell et al. 2004).

  • Computes a wide range of species richness estimators for sample-based abundance and incidence (presence/absence) data (Chao, Jackknife, ICE, ACE and others).

  • Computes asymmetric (log-transformed) confidence intervals for Chao1 andChao2.

  • Computes diversity indices (Shannon, Simpson, Fisher's alpha, Hill numbers).

  • All richness estimators and diversity indices are computed for every level of sample accumulation, averaged over resamplings.

  • Choice of resampling with or without replacement.

  • Computes Chao's shared species estimator for sample pairs.

  • Computes Chao's Sørensen and Jaccard similarity estimators (Chao et al. 2005).

  • Computes classic Jaccard, Sørensen, Bray-Curtis, and Morista-Horn similarity indices for sample pairs.

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Homepage references (many more in the User's Guide)

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Colwell, R. K., C. X. Mao, & J. Chang. 2004. Interpolating, extrapolating, and comparing incidence-based species accumulation curves. Ecology 85, 2717-2727. Download pdf. Spanish Version: Download pdf.

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Robert K. Colwell