Biota: The Biodiversity Database Manager

Biota manages specimen-based, spatially and taxonomically referenced data for ecologists, conservation biologists, evolutionary biologists, systematists, museums and herbaria.

Biota is open-source software, distributed under a BSD-3 Open Source License. You may freely download, use, and distribute fully-enabled copies of the standalone desktop versions of Biota 3 (BiotaAppWin and BiotaAppMac) or Biota 2.0.4 at zero cost. If you wish, you may also request and modify the source code (as a 4th Dimension Structure File, which requires 4th Dimension to open).


The comprehensive Biota Manual is also available for immediate download, at no cost, under a GNU Free Documentation License.


By mutual and amicable agreement, long-time Biota partner Sinauer Associates will no longer distribute Biota.


As of May 16, 2012, Biota 3 is now available for immediate download.


This new version of Biota features a faster, updated engine certified for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and Windows 7. Biota 3 is backwards-compatible with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows XP.


Biota 3 Data Files are fully cross-platform (Mac <—> Windows) compatible without conversion. Biota 2 Data Files can be converted to Biota 3 format.


Because of licensing issues, Biota 3 does not handle images and does not have a built-in web-server (although, like Biota 2, it can export static web pages for posting on a web-server). The client-server version of Biota is no longer available. BiotaApp 2.0.4 continues to be available for download., but will no longer be updated.


©2012 Robert K. Colwell