EstimateS and Biota: The Biodiversity Database Manager

  • Biota is an excellent tool for managing the kinds of data that EstimateS analyzes.
  • Among many other text file export options, Biota exports samples-by-taxon incidence or abundance matrixes to delimited text files, based on any selection of records at any taxonomic rank (Species through Kingdom) and any set of Collection (sample) or Locality records.
  • You can tell Biota to export these matrices in a special format designed for direct input to EstimateS. Likewise, EstimateS has a special input option to read these files.
  • Biota 3 has been released under a GNU–GPU (General Purpose License). Fully enabled copies of the standalone desktop versions of Biota 3 (BiotaAppWin and BiotaAppMac) as well as the comprehensive User's Guide may now be freely downloaded, used, and distributed at no cost.
    Biota 3 is an updated version for current operating systems for both Windows and Macintosh. For more details, and to download, please visit the Biota website.

Robert K. Colwell